Free swimming

Pleasures of free swimming.

Enjoy the pool of Airial to play your favorite sport, in peace, under the watchful eye of our lifeguards. It is open every day (flexible hours during school holidays) and all year round (except July and August).


  1st to 21th September 22th to 30th September October to March April to June July and August
Monday 10H30 - 13H
15H - 18H30
12h30-14h et 15h30-18h reserved
Tuesday 13h30-14h et 15h30-18h
Wednesday 12h30-14h30 et 15h00-18h
Thursday 12h30-13h30 et 15h30-18h
Friday 12h30-13h30 et 15h30-18h
Saturday 11H-19H 12h30 - 19h 14H30 - 18h 12H30 - 19H
Sunday 11H - 13H
15H - 19H
Closed 11H - 13H
15H - 19H
Holidays Public opening : 11H - 13H and 15H - 18H
Aquagym on registration : 10H and 18H

The basin is evacuated 15 minutes before closing the pool